Get Married Already | Young Adult & Singles Ministry In Dallas

If you’re waiting faithfully, or pursuing wisely, and you’re doing everything more or less right: don’t be discouraged. Stay faithful. None of this means that there’s anything wrong with marrying later or staying single, if it’s done for the right reasons. And God is in control. Which means there’s one more reason why some people wait to get married: because God has a plan for you. He’s up to something. I’ve had friends get married later in life than they might have originally planned, and seen it all suddenly make sense: that’s who they were waiting on. That’s why it didn’t work out sooner. So stay faithful, and trust in His timing.

– JP
(With help from Kevin McConaghy)

Frankly, the Porch has spent several years teaching us that the people most worthy of marriage (and therefore the requisite dating/courtship) are the singles who are:
a) The most visible servant-leaders of the church;
b) The most visibly “recovered” re:gen addicts;
c) Those most vocally fortunate enough never to have been afflicted by any of the struggles that would undermine a healthy marriage.

If you find that person, the Porch assures you that your marriage will be a Christian fairytale.

You won’t find those principles concretely verbalized in any Porch message. Rather, these principles permeate the Porch culture.

If you are either waiting for that person or waiting to become that person, it is very possible that the Porch has blocked or stolen your marriage potential.

To every woman who says she loves Jesus –
To every woman who waits patiently for a godly man to rescue her from her singlesness as she treads water in this sea of sharks in Dallas –
It’s more likely that she’s complicit in having fostered a population of Porch men who are completely disinterested in Porch women, at least as far as marriage is concerned.

Marriage has survived millennia on far more compromising standards, with and without God’s blessing.

Get Married Already | Young Adult & Singles Ministry In Dallas