Plano Equal Rights Ordinance

This evening, the City of Plano adopted the deceptively named Equal Rights Ordinance by a City Council vote of 5-3 in front of an angry crowd of petitioners. I signed up as one of about 40 speakers to petition the Council to reject this ordinance. Below is the 2-minute statement I gave to the Council as well as the text of the ordinance.

Good evening Mayor and Council members. I am a Plano resident, and I am in attendance today because I want to be present when Plano decides what side of history it will be on. I’m not here to talk about boring, archaic topics like God, the Constitution, and liberty – topics our government is largely immune to nowadays. I’m here to talk about civility and human rights. I’m here to protest my city’s consideration of becoming another one of the reckless cities across the nation proposing a policy that dismisses and insults the good and fair judgment of its residents.

The proposed Equal Rights Policy is a poorly veiled attempt to divide our community along ideological lines by bestowing, with disingenuous compassion, a victimhood status to individuals who may harbor arbitrary grievances against our government and against the rational sensibilities of our community. The policy shamelessly panders to activists who seek to exploit our divisions for profit and political gain, and it seeks to invalidate the common sense of Plano residents under the guise of feelings-based political correctness, and with junk science as its implicit pretext.

The proposed Equal Rights Policy’s stated desire to expand the 1989 Non-Discrimination Policy to afford so-called “human rights” to individuals is both sweeping in its scope and coercive in its intent. The policy does not attempt to define in its DEFINITIONS section the “human rights” to which it unprecedentedly refers. Instead, the policy confers the task of defining “human rights” on bureaucrats, who may or may not be elected by and accountable to the residents of Plano, and on the judicial system, where businesses and families are at a predictable and systematic disadvantage against the influence and funding of national activist organizations. The residents of Plano have a rational basis to distrust “human rights” policies and their corresponding activist proponents who, in the modern era, have proven to be violent, intolerant political agitators, determined to bully, intimidate, and impose their will on local communities who reasonably do not share their opinion and have democratic rights as such.

I respectfully urge the Council to reject the proposed Equal Rights Policy. We, the residents of Plano, will instruct our government as to what our values are, not the other way around. The 1989 Non-Discrimination Policy continues to serve our city well and in a manner consistent with the good and fair judgment of Plano residents, as demonstrated by the various successful people who have spoken from the other side of this issue. Thank you for listening.

Plano Equal Rights Ordinance